The Graner Difference

What is the “Graner Difference”? The difference between renting from the “big guys” and us is what we like to call the Graner Difference. Let us show you what we mean by that:

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Better RVs

Our units are hands down better quality coaches. We equip our units with better options so that you are vacationing in a solid, well-built and reliable rv instead of an entry level coach. As a matter of fact our RV’s new MSRP prices can easily double that of our “competitors” (we don’t like to call them that because we believe that operating as a small, service oriented rental company, these huge corporations do not compare or compete against us). Also, we are probably the only rental company that does not mark or otherwise advertise our units on the exterior! Driving an unmarked, high end coach makes you look less like a tourist (a target for theft) and more like seasoned pros or locals exploring the country. Our RVs are also focused on saving you money We also personally maintain every single one of our RVs to ensure they are in tip top shape.

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From the first time you contact us, we make it a point to treat you as a valued guest, not a number. This starts with email correspondence and extends to building you a custom, complementary travel route for you to make the most of your vacation. It does not stop there, however. Once you step foot on US soil, we will be there in person to pick you up in your motorhome at the airport! Nobody else does this. No hotel to stay at the first night, no time wasted. Instead of showing you a video, we will also personally orientate you into your motorhome and get you familiar and comfortable to take on American roads. And rest assured that you can always contact us via phone or email 24 hours a day while on you vacation for anything! This will give you great piece of mind while traveling a foreign country. You will also get tons of information compiled in our famous “pilots suitcase”, wherein you will find things to do in major cities, where to shop inexpensively while on your trip and many other ways to save your money.

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Better Equipment

From renting RVs for 16 years in the US (and 15 years prior to that in Germany), we learned what works well in a rental environment and what doesn’t. We don’t give you the basic equipment necessary, we believe in a “better something more than not enough” mantra and equip our units accordingly. For you this means warmer blankets, real silverware and porcelain plates. The best camping chairs and gas grills available on the market. Thick and fluffy towels. A complete tool box, chemicals and leveling cotters on board. The list goes on and on.

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