Dear Family Graner,

I would once again like to thank you for the many, many valuable tips and hints and tell you a little here of our experiences so that other guests may benefit from our reports. Here our final judgment: Best vacation we have ever had, thanks to your service that has saved us a lot of time and money. If we undertake this trip again, then only with one of your motorhomes. We will also be recommending you without hesitation. Feel free to use us as a reference if a new client wants to speak with an “old” customer. Finally, on behalf of my whole family – thank you again for your valuable tips and your patience in answering our questions. I wish you and your family a healthy and prosperous future and remain until hopefully the next time!

Michael G. and family

Dear Family Graner!

We often think back about the wonderful trip to the US (and your super-care), that was really the highlight of the year!

Konrad M. with family

Dear Graners,

Too bad that even the most beautiful time once comes to an end. I would like once again to thank you! We had a great holiday and a large part of it contributed to your RV. Thank you again for your straightforward attitude during the final invoicing. I would like to give you some personal Feedback: Your calm and relaxed way, the entire process, and everything in between, very simply put was wonderful!


Dear Family Graner!

After the first few letters we were very impressed by your bid and the anticipation grew on our California vacation. At some point, the thought crept in: Everything is going great, where is only the catch?
But there was no catch, we were very happy and immediately felt at ease about the warm welcome us. The camper was perfectly prepared and the power the RV had was persistent and efficiently pushed us through California. The motorhome quickly became our “home”. Unfortunately, the holiday went by much too quickly.
Thank you for everything
Kaus-Dieter T. Andrea, Nina and Torben

We have not seen the whole world, but so many beautiful things of which we believed every time it was the most beautiful thing – we were in the Todra Gorge in Morocco, drove through the Geiranger fjord in Norway, climbed Mont Blanc, were at Ayers Rock, drove with the Peak tram up to Hong Kong, made the Camino de Santiago in northern Spain, walked around the Peloponnese and went to Turkey and the farthest east – every time we thought the best thing to have seen the greatest thing!
But the now “experience” in the past 5 weeks to Graner-mobiles what we discovered and were allowed to behold, was something as wonderful as we’d never have guessed it to be able to ever experience. The National Parks in the Colorado Plateau, Death Valley, and last but not least, the Yosemite NP gave us the impression to finally have seen the biggest things that the earth has natural beauty to offer. We take into account even the many happy hours on the wonderful nature campgrounds in the state parks, the impressions in cities like San Diego, Las Vegas and San Francisco and what still needs to be especially mentioned the unique warmth and hospitality, we deal with the way we were taken care of by your family and Mr. Graner’s easy motorhome handover and return, we can finally say:
The Graner camper holiday will remain our greatest experience for sure!
Families and W. R-S

They never come back ?!
Dear Family Graner, which may be true for others, not for us!
These 25 days USA are not enough! Therefore no question we’ll be back –
as soon as it comes! Thanks to your help and support will be unforgettable for us this holiday!
Thank you Bye + HH, we’ll meet again!
Sincerely Happy
Susan and Peter S.

Dear Family Graner,
at the beginning there is a huge big THANK YOU!
Even with travel arrangements we felt in good hands with you. Your caring and warm welcome left us quickly the “chaos” of our arrival forgotten. It started when we landed safely at the airport in San Francisco, but unfortunately our eight suitcases were still in London! First, we took it with humor, but when the next day the luggage was still not there, we became nervous. Yet you still always managed to distract us and brought us joy.
When, on the third day the suitcase finally arrived, we started our three week, wonderful tour. Beautiful natural scenery in the national parks alternated with the glittering world of cities and the hustle and bustle of Sea World and Universal Studios. It was an unforgettable experience for all of us. For your kindness and your very loving care we would like to thank you once again!
Albert and Carmen S. with children Andrew and Stefan and
Heinz and S. Sigi with children and Hendrik Martin

Love Graner Family,
we had much fun in the land of the unlimited possibilities and not to the last: because of your good preparation!
The weather was sunny, windy and snowy and sandy. We did not lose the shirt off our back in Las Vegas. The Death Valley what not as dead as we had assumed. The cacti were very affectionate and prickly. We had a nice 1/2 hour helicopter flight over the Grand Canyon with a very nice view and even a funny pilot. We hope our 500 photos will be of good quality so that we will always remember our first trip to the great big and beautiful USA!
Thank you for everything.
Silke and Michael H. and Regina F.

Love Fam. Graner!
Our holidays impression:
Holidays from San Francisco! Stress free, cared for Vacationing! Where can I find it? Oakley at the Graner’s. Keep it up !!!
The holiday bagan as such: Harmonious and smooth, beautiful weather, heat, even snow! Communinicating with a coyote! Breakfast with squirrels! Every day new impressions, new country, changing climate. It was just great. For your future endeavors we wish you the best.
Annegret & Manfred J. and J. Edgar & Marietta

Dear Family Graner,
“Our” RV time was sadly over far too quickly!
Whether on the beach in Santa Monica, Universal Studios or in Yosemite park it was fantastic!
Although we arrived with about 3 hrs. Delay middle of the night at the airport and were picked up, the welcome was very warm. Once our piggy bank is full again we will contact you back …
Thank you for everything
Christina and Günter G. Hannes, Luisa and Franziska

Graner’s our love!
Was planned the trip and a half year ago ‘.
With your support, it was now true.
Seven weeks we drove through the USA,
California, Arizona, Utha, Nevada, Colorado and California again.
The west coast towards the south,
than it was seven lanes, you couldnt get homesick.
Of 10 national parks we can intoxicate us
the Grand Canyon phenomenal, we could not believe it.
After the Tioga Pass and the snow in June Lake very cold,
we came to warmer climes but soon.
The reservoir near Elk Creek and Clear Lake in sunshine,
we liked, relaxation had to be sometimes.
Shortly the north coast a little bit,
about Napa Valley back then.
The Golden Gate and all of San Francisco in the sunshine,
invited us to three wonderful days.
A beautiful journey, quite simply great
There thank Inge u. Klaus Harbeck, Christa u. Hans K.

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