About Us

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We, the Graner Family are a family from a small town in Germany that many years ago fell in love with the USA and its vast beauty. We realized early on that a Motorhome offers the ideal platform for exploring such a massive land. After coming stateside year after year and renting motorhomes from the “big guys” we learned a thing or two of how we could be more successful at renting motorhomes (which we did in Germany). While making many beautiful memories along the way, most importantly however, through many not so pleasant experiences, we learned what NOT to do. And so the idea was born: Hey, we could fulfill our dream and move to America and show others what this amazing country has to offer and most importantly rent motorhomes better than anyone else with an emphasis on service. That idea has blossomed into a beautiful business that has thrived since the first day we set foot in California in 1997.


Our instinctive drive to be a different, more personal company has flourished and always influenced us to think like our renters. We ourselves use Motorhomes to vacation in, and always think of ways to improve a rental experience. On every trip we gather information for our renters, and always compile useful tips to pass along. It goes without saying that we must be doing something right, since we have not done any advertising since our first year in business. Over 75% of our guests have heard about us by word of mouth, or referrals. We pride ourselves in our ongoing excellent customer service to our guest. Insider information and “know-how” can be worth a fortune when traveling in a foreign country.

We invite you to read on and find out more about what makes us different. Should you need further information please know that we are always here to answer any and all questions for you. Under “Contact” you will be able to securely email us and receive a speedy response back.


Our Family (from left to right): Hope, Gerry, Gerda and Rudolf